An Educator

As a teacher and learning consultant, Chi has over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering original curriculum and leading art-inspired literacy initiatives in environments as diverse as Barnard College, Rikers Island Correctional Facility, Kripalu Center, and classrooms in Detroit, the Bronx, Laos, and Cambodia. 

As an engaging theatre educator, Chi creates a collaborative ensemble environment grounded in multiple techniques.  His curriculum is inspired by his extensive study of Linklater Voice with Kristin Linklater; theatre with Andrei Serban; the movement work of Jerzy Grotowski with Stephen Wangh; the Viewpoints work with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company; the 5Rhythms dance with Gabrielle Roth; and 24 years training in the art of hatha yoga.

He has taught in-depth courses in theatre, multi-media performance, movement, classical theatre, creative writing, communications, and yoga. He is a certified drama teacher through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and a graduate of Brown University's Arts Literacy for Youth Teacher Training.

Chi holds a minor in dance from Oberlin College, a BA in Arts Education from Lesley University, and an MFA in Classical Theatre from Columbia University.

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    You know you are in good hands with Chi on your team. He is easy to work with, shares his knowledge readily, and is engaging and dynamic as both a colleague and as a presenter. He enlivens the room with his ability to read and respond to the needs of the participants. Chi is a joy to work alongside: reliable, creative, and able to adjust at a moment’s notice.

    Janet Watson / Principal, Watson & Associates
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    Chi will be an exceptional asset to your community. As an artist, his approach to creative exploration is fresh, engaging, and disciplined. His depth of knowledge, research, and playful inquisitiveness will inspire his students towards excellence.

    Andrei Serban / Professor, Columbia University
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    Chi sees the interconnectedness of art and life and he enjoys sharing this passion with adolescents, though I have no doubt that he could serve a college-age or adult population as well. The qualities of Chi’s productions were first-rate, delivered with polish and precision that reminded me and others of being in a New York theatre — high praise in this town.

    Phil Deely / Interim Head, The Roeper School
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    Chi brought the highest standards and expectations, creative vision for each play, and excellent direction of the students that I have ever seen. Chi’s direction would enhance any school, organization, or independent theater with which he is affiliated. He is a class act.

    Egyirba High / Professor, Arizona State University
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    Director Chi Wright realized he was working with smart, intense, intuitive people and he took steps to make sure they explored their characters. The result was one of the most professional and most enjoyable plays I have seen in almost thirty years and sixty productions of watching Roeper theatre.

    Emery Pence / Director, Roeper School Alumni
  • Chi's teaching was memorable because, although it was intensive, I learned a lot without being pressured. He was so positive and passionate about what he taught that it made us want to learn. His kindness and energy radiate, and are definitely contagious.

    Alexa Burwell / Theatre Student
  • I liked the way Chi approached each exercise as a totally new and exciting thing. He found a way to make simply lying on the floor and breathing for twenty minutes sound exciting.

    Maddie Standish / Theatre Student
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    Chi is a communicator. He is sensitive to the individual while working towards common goals and has a wonderful imagination. He has a sense of humor, endless patience, great integrity, and can work as a member of a team. His work is backed by an intellectual rigor that will inspire his students to know more.

    Elizabeth Swain / Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Theatre, Marymount Manhattan College
  • Chi is such a supportive person, and throughout the classes, I really felt like I could open up and share my heart with him. He taught me that when you let yourself go, beautiful things can happen.

    Caley Clocksin / Theatre Student
  • Chi's theatre class changed my life. I have lost weight, changed my perspective on a lot of views I had, become more patient and more agreeable. I learned to push myself more than I used to, and to be in touch with my emotions.

    Dan Moore / Theatre Student
  • I learned so much in Chi's class. I noticed that I work really well with other people now, thanks to Chi. I feel like a whole different person. Chi has made such an impact on my life. I feel like I can do anything!

    Lacy Padilla / Theatre Student
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    Because of Chi's guidance, my daughter connected with an entirely new part of herself and discovered a whole new approach to acting. Chi's guidance ignited in her a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for Shakespeare and for drama in general. She has since compared her theatre teachers to the high caliber of Chi's dynamic, refined approach.

    Ravi Walsh / Parent
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    Chi is the kind of teacher any student would blossom under — thoughtful, a good listener, inventive, compassionate, and positive. He has a great sense of humor and a nurturing playfulness that would encourage young people to take chances, speak out, and go beyond themselves to express something greater.

    Andrea Haring / Professor, Columbia University & Associate Director, Linklater Center for Voice and Language
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    Chi is the consummate professional. My son thoroughly enjoyed Chi's class in Improvisation. Chi clearly knows theatre and knows how to make it come alive for students. He inspires ensemble among performers. His productions sparkle with energy and life. His creativity knows no bounds. I admire him immensely.

    Beth Greenapple / Parent, Board Member, and Teacher, The Roeper School


Chi has designed and delivered new curriculum and artistic projects to youth and adults in academic, inner-city, and developing-world settings:
The Calhoun School
Captain Manuel Rivera Junior School
City College of New York
Columbia University
Manhattan Theatre Lab School
Nosara Yoga Institute
The Neighborhood School
ODA Art Orphanage
Rikers Island Correctional Facility
The Roeper School
Russell Sage College
The School of the Future
Santiphab School of Luang Prabang
The Thacher School
Wadleigh School for the Performing Arts
Wheelock Teacher’s College