Are you interested in classes or workshops in Theatre? Creative Writing? Storytelling? Leadership Development?

For twenty years, Chi has designed and delivered new curriculum for youth and adults for developing world NGOs, New York City Public Schools, independent schools, universities, and correctional facilities. He collaborates on development and presentation of client-tailored learning designs with an emphasis on storytelling, experiential learning, and team building. 

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Do you want to engage your listeners with more passion, clarity, and confidence? Would you like to tell your story exceptionally? 

As an executive coach and trainer, Chi delivers fresh, innovative content to diverse businesses from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits. He empowers clients to achieve high levels of audience engagement, facilities them in more effective and effortless storytelling, and guides them through developing and implementing strategic change. Chi inspires engagement and action. 

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Are you looking to collaborate with an established director, actor, or writer? Do you have a space or stage in need of a clear design vision?

Chi has directed and performed in off-Broadway and regional theater, commercials, and films. His design work has transformed homes and theater in Manhattan, Boston, Detroit, and San Francisco. Chi wrote and choreographed a full-length play — The Crystal Stair — and is currently working on a memoir. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University.

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Chi has coached executives and trained groups with these organizations:

  • BrandonCline

    Chi helped me radically transform how I share what I’m passionate about. Chi's guidance helped me create dialogue within the first 30 seconds with the founder and new CEO. No slides, just authentic engagement deeply anchored to all the facets of my presentation. I now have a flexible template for sharing what I want to do in the world. I cannot thank Chi enough.

    Brandon Cline / Change Lead, M Squared Consulting
  • 2448f49

    You know you are in good hands with Chi on your team. He is easy to work with, shares his knowledge readily, and is engaging and dynamic as both a colleague and as a presenter. He enlivens the room with his ability to read and respond to the needs of the participants. Chi is a joy to work alongside: reliable, creative, and able to adjust at a moment’s notice.

    Janet Watson / Principal, Watson & Associates
  • 103d8ee

    Empowered would be the one word I could use to describe [the result of] my interaction with Chi during a recent leadership training. The structure of the course, having the skill set needed to deliver the course, and his ability to work with a group to provide a degree of individual attention created a great learning and networking environment.

    Maurice Spencer / Unified Collaboration CSE, Cisco Systems
  • 38ebcbe

    Chi delivered outstanding communication training. He was able to install confidence and increase skills in all of us. He helped me to develop and hone my pitching skills, enabling me to have powerful conversations. I am now able to walk into any situation — from board room to community meeting — and pitch my ideas with success.

    Esther Foreman / Director of Movement Building, The Young Foundation
  • Unknown

    Chi will be an exceptional asset to your community. As an artist, his approach to creative exploration is fresh, engaging, and disciplined. His depth of knowledge, research, and playful inquisitiveness will inspire his students towards excellence.

    Andrei Serban / Professor, Columbia University
  • 234c310-1

    Chi Wright's autobiographical performance work — The Crystal Stair — is impeccable. Wright’s performance was reminiscent of the best of Bill T. Jones and Geoffrey Holder's work. All I could do was sit riveted, knowing that I was seeing the best theatre that I've ever seen in my life.

    Anna Dunwell / Clinical Instructor, Boston University School of Medicine
  • 3347f50

    Chi sees the interconnectedness of art and life and he enjoys sharing this passion with adolescents, though I have no doubt that he could serve a college-age or adult population as well. The qualities of Chi’s productions were first-rate, delivered with polish and precision that reminded me and others of being in a New York theatre — high praise in this town.

    Phil Deely / Interim Head, The Roeper School
  • Unknown

    Director Chi Wright realized he was working with smart, intense, intuitive people and he took steps to make sure they explored their characters. The result was one of the most professional and most enjoyable plays I have seen in almost thirty years and sixty productions of watching Roeper theatre.

    Emery Pence / Director, Roeper School Alumni
  • 3edbbbd

    Chi's penetrating, hold-my-feet-to-the-fire facilitation strategies allow my mind to resurrect itself into positive self-reflection. Chi brings his personal self-empowerment to the task of sitting with clients. I respect his presence, his clarity of mind and his heart.

    Pamela Ellen Blodgett / Neurofeedback Provider
  • 31a69d9

    I have never been more powerfully moved by a piece of theater. Wow. I was blown away from start to finish. As one could have seen from the standing ovation, it was exceptional. What a beautifully painful and delicious work. Bravo and Brava.

    Adam Sutton / Partner, Breakthrough Collaboration
  • 5de4235487

    Mr. Wright breaks down the complexity of his biography into... a multi-layered structure of inspiring repetition and variation. The entire production is marvelous, convincing and captivating. It is clear that this man has found a victorious door to the future by a courageous journey into his past.

    Christian Thorau / Ph.D., Professor, Universität Potsdam, Germany
  • Unknown

    Chi is an awesome talent. He makes artistic choices with vigor, clarity, and a depth of expression.

    Gabrielle Roth / Founder, The Moving Center School, 5 Rhythms
  • LizSwain

    Chi is a communicator. He is sensitive to the individual while working towards common goals and has a wonderful imagination. He has a sense of humor, endless patience, great integrity, and can work as a member of a team. His work is backed by an intellectual rigor that will inspire his students to know more.

    Elizabeth Swain / Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Theatre, Marymount Manhattan College
  • Unknown-1

    Chi approaches his teaching with flexibility, creativity, and diligent planning. He possesses a great eye for detail and is passionate about the theatre as an actor, director, and educator. He is an extraordinary person whose gifts stand out among his colleagues.

    Niky Wolcz / Professor, Columbia University MFA Program & Freie Universitaet Berlin
  • 2416712-1

    Chi has terrific ability to direct a team to get the job done. While his task was akin to herding cats, Chi was able to keep people on task and make them feel valuable. We spent long hours working hip to hip. Chi had grace under pressure and kept us all motivated and focused toward our goal. No matter the task, once he commits, he gives it 100%.

    Paula Wise / Independent Marketing Director, Team National
  • 26537ef

    Chi's instruction and real-world knowledge will never leave me. He taught a framework and structure that only increased my strengths as a leader. The impact on my life has been profound. It goes beyond my work and into the lives of my community. Chi is phenomenal at pulling out the best you have to offer.

    Raymond Flores / WLAN Consultant, Cisco Systems
  • Chi is such a supportive person, and throughout the classes, I really felt like I could open up and share my heart with him. He taught me that when you let yourself go, beautiful things can happen.

    Caley Clocksin / Theatre Student
  • Chi's theatre class changed my life. I have lost weight, changed my perspective on a lot of views I had, become more patient and more agreeable. I learned to push myself more than I used to, and to be in touch with my emotions.

    Dan Moore / Theatre Student
  • I learned so much in Chi's class. I noticed that I work really well with other people now, thanks to Chi. I feel like a whole different person. Chi has made such an impact on my life. I feel like I can do anything!

    Lacy Padilla / Theatre Student
  • 1019414

    Because of Chi's guidance, my daughter connected with an entirely new part of herself and discovered a whole new approach to acting. Chi's guidance ignited in her a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for Shakespeare and for drama in general. She has since compared her theatre teachers to the high caliber of Chi's dynamic, refined approach.

    Ravi Walsh / Parent